If you’ve come to visit us on this site today, it’s probable that you’re inquisitive about therapeutic mushrooms or that you’re interested in psychedelic therapy. Since more and more individuals are trying to produce their own mushrooms, mushroom grow kits have grown in popularity.

With regard to the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic mushrooms, there is now a renaissance of scientific interest in psychedelics. It may be reviving to develop these medications utilizing our most valuable apothecary: Mother Earth, especially with the increase of clinical and academic study into the area of psychedelia.

Due to the rising interest in using psilocybin mushrooms for medical and therapeutic uses, magic mushroom grow kit sales have increased significantly.

An excellent place to start if you want to cultivate your own mushrooms is with a magic mushroom grow kit. In this post, we’ll discuss some practical advice for using mushroom-growing kits as well as our top recommendations for suppliers of such kits for medicinal purposes.

We’re here to provide you our top suggestions for buying therapeutic psychedelic mushroom grow kits so you may turn your next trip into a DIY healing project, even if it may not be feasible to propose that you go out hunting for therapeutic mushrooms. Additionally, medicinal mushrooms are fantastic conversation starters and house plant mates!

how to grow magic mushrooms

A mushroom grow kit: what is it?

A pre-assembled kit with everything you need to produce your own medical magic mushrooms at home is known as a magic mushroom grow kit. These kits often include a substrate, which is a nutrient-rich substance that promotes the development of mycelium, the mushroom’s root system.

An isolated strain of magic mushroom, such as Psilocybe cubensis, is introduced into the substrate, either as spores or mycelium. The kit may also contain extra tools like a humidity dome or grow bag, as well as instructions on how to produce your own mushrooms.

The Origins of Kits for Growing Mushrooms

For people looking to produce their own medicinal mushrooms, the usage of mushroom grow kits has become a fad. Growing therapeutic mushrooms from seed is feasible, but it may be difficult, needs specialized expertise, and calls for access to the correct environment.

The first mushroom grow kits appeared in the 1970s, when Terrance and Dennis McKenna, two mycologists, made it fashionable to grow medicinal mushrooms inside using a grow kit they termed the “mckennaii.”

This led to the development of the Psilocybe cubensis strain, which is still widely used today for therapeutic purposes. Billy McPherson, commonly known as Professor Fanaticus, invented and promoted Psilocybe Fanaticus Tek (FT), the most widely used technique for cultivating Psilocybe cubensis, in the 1990s.

This procedure entails inoculating a sterilized substrate with a liquid culture to provide the best circumstances for the spore spawns to give birth or bear fruit, initially organic rye seeds but now often brown rice flour.

The PF Tek method, which is basically an entheogenic extraction technique, sterilizes the preferred substrate in canning jars with a layer of liquid culture, often vermiculite.

The approach has grown to be the most well-liked one in the world for growing medicinal magic mushrooms. As mushroom grow kits have developed throughout time, several businesses now provide a variety of solutions for cultivating various kinds of therapeutic mushrooms.

All people, regardless of experience or expertise, may cultivate medicinal mushrooms with the help of these kits. It is usually simple for anybody to cultivate their own therapeutic mushrooms at home since they often come with all the essential components, including spores, substrate, and instructions.


There are several sizes of magic mushroom grow kits available, from little kits that only yield a few mushrooms to bigger kits that may yield enough medicinal mushrooms for several servings. Some magic mushroom grow kits also include grow tents, which provide the mushrooms a controlled environment to develop in and guarantee ideal circumstances and a bigger output.

Medicinal Mushroom Grow Kits: Legal or Illegal?

The fact that medical mushroom grow kits are legal in many nations, including the United States and several European nations, should not be overlooked. Typically, these kits provide with everything required to cultivate mushrooms, including a substrate, but they are devoid of psychoactive mushroom spores.

Because they don’t contain psilocybin or psilocin, psilocybin spores are legal to possess in the US. This indicates that it is acceptable to possess psilocybin spores in the majority of states, but only for scientific study.

It may be permissible to utilize psilocybin spores for growth in jurisdictions where it is lawful or decriminalized to possess psilocybin mushrooms, making it acceptable to inoculate grow kits with them.

Spores may still be allowed in jurisdictions where therapeutic psilocybin mushrooms are not permitted or decriminalized, although cultivating psilocybin-containing mushrooms may still have legal risks.

For instance, regardless of whether the mushrooms are cultivated for personal use or for sale, it is illegal under federal law in the United States to cultivate psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

Finally, it should be noted that several nations, including the US, have legalized mushroom grow kits. The use of spores to vaccinate mushroom grow kits is, however, subject to local legislation.

Using a Psilocybin Mushroom Grow Kit for Therapy Has Several Advantages

Those looking to produce their preferred psychedelic medication may benefit from a number of advantages provided by medicinal psychedelic mushroom grow kits. One of the key advantages of these kits is that they make mushroom cultivation simpler by including all the required supplies in a single handy container.

The kits often include substrate, spores, and pre-sterilized grain spawn, such as rye, wheat, or millet. This simplifies the growing process by removing the requirement for the grower to locate all the essential components.

It’s similar to receiving meal kits through delivery, except for growing mushrooms! A grow kit’s good supply of medicinal mushrooms—which might be helpful for individuals who are interested in microdosing—is another advantage.

Taking psychedelics in tiny quantities, or microdosing, has been shown to have positive effects on mood, creativity, and productivity. People may simply measure out their amounts and experiment with various levels to see what works best for them by keeping a small supply of mushrooms on hand.

In order to grow mushrooms inside, a natural habitat similar to that found outside must be created. Mushrooms begin as “spawns” of spores, which are found within other naturally occurring flora and take nourishment from their host plant. In substrates like grains or rice, which provide the nutrients required for development, edible and medicinal fungus thrive.

Mushrooms need adequate care and attention to flourish, just like any other living and growing thing. Grow kits are in helpful in this situation since they often come with grow tents, which provide a regulated atmosphere for the mushroom growth. As a result, there will be better growth conditions and a bigger yield.

cultivate kits are an excellent choice for people who are new to medicinal mushroom production or want a streamlined method, while more experienced growers may employ specialized equipment to cultivate greater supply. They also serve as a fantastic starting point for people who want to learn more about cultivating mushrooms and the advantages of using medicinal mushrooms in microdoses.

The Best Suppliers of Psychedelic Mushroom Grow Kits

A collection of our tried-and-true therapeutic mushroom grow kits is provided below. Even a beginning mycologist may find what they need in these businesses and goods. We advise selecting a kit from a reputable business that answers customer questions and offers suggestions as you go in your growing process.

Notably, spores are often not included in mushroom grow kits. As a result, you will need to buy spores separately. However, many grow kit vendors will provide you suggestions on where to get high-quality spores to go with their kits.

You should always follow safety instructions and rules while cultivating and ingesting medicinal magic mushrooms, as well as expert assistance when buying spores. The following are our top two picks for mushroom-growing kits:

Use the discount code “PSYCHEDELICPASSAGE” for 10% off North Spore.

A highly regarded, USDA-certified group of mycologists called North Spore wants to open up the world of mushrooms to everyone. North Spore places a strong focus on sustainability methods, such as sourcing and delivering natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, as urban mushroom growers.

North Spore is dedicated to ideals that promote the wellbeing of people, the environment, and the ecosystem. By encouraging individuals to cultivate their own edible and medicinal mushrooms, they want to revive the food system.

North Spore’s Top Psychedelic Mushroom Grow Kits

Or, to put it another way, mushrooms can really rescue the planet, and North Spore is here to assist you in doing so. Naturally, a significant selling point for acquiring one of their many grow kits is the integrity and creativity at the core of their business. There are several alternatives available. We endorse their Boomr Bag Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit personally.

This package includes everything you need to cultivate your first flush of therapeutic fungus, and sometimes even a second and third flush. It includes a coco coir casing layer, an organic sterilized grain bag with an injection port, a bag of sterile manure substrate, and of course a monotub that ensures optimal production. Remember to use the discount code “PSYCHEDELICPASSAGE” to your purchase to save 10%.

Customer support at North Spore is also excellent. They not only consistently and quickly respond to emails, but their shipment times are also accurate. You may interact with their staff using a live chat function on their website, which is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm ET. Both novice and experienced growers of medicinal mushrooms may benefit from North Spore.

West Coast Grow Kits

If there’s one thing a business in Woodstock, Illinois should be knowledgeable about, it’s mushrooms. Since 2004, Midwest Grow Kits has been engaged in the horticulture industry and has built up a devoted clientele. Their $55 Simple Mushroom Grow Kit is just that—simple, cost-effective, and cheap.
Customers give this kit great marks and it comes with a useful grow guide. Additionally, Midwest Grow Kits provides helpful customer support by phone, live chat, or email from Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm CST, which is a huge benefit given that a large portion of their clientele is new to mushroom growing.

Despite having a local moniker, they do ship internationally. They also provide reliable suggestions regarding where to get your spores. With an emphasis on education, Midwest Grow Kits makes sure its clients have access to growing video lessons and materials that guarantee you’re making educated choices about mushroom cultivation.
The Best Supplier of Psychedelic Mushroom Spores

Protect The World

Our top-rated supplier of therapeutic mushroom spores is Inoculate The World. This business is not only entirely legitimate, but it also has strong backing from a devoted following of psychedelic enthusiasts.

They provide reasonably priced isolated spore syringes and a large selection of psilocybin or “magic” mushroom strains, including Albino Penis Envy, B+ Cubensis, Blue Meanies, and even Golden Teacher. Their shipping and delivery times are renowned for being prompt and reliable.

What Mushroom Spores Are Safest For Psychedelic Therapy?

Except for Georgia, California, and Idaho, where psilocybe mushroom spores are prohibited, this firm delivers all throughout the United States. Inoculate the planet is the only place to go if you’re looking for psilocybin mushroom spores.

Use Instructions for Medicinal Mushroom Grow Kits

First and foremost, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate equipment for your requirements. There are several varieties of medicinal mushroom grow kits on the market, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.

Some kits may be used to produce a range of various fungus, while others are made exclusively for cultivating medicinal magic mushrooms. You may also want to take into account things like the kit’s size, cost, and skill level needed for usage.

It’s time to start the growth process after selecting a kit. The majority of mushroom grow kits include instructions, spores, substrate, and everything else you need to get started.

Typically, the substrate has to be sterilized as the first step, which may be accomplished by boiling it or using a pressure cooker. To stop bacteria or other pollutants from developing in the substrate, this is crucial.

The substrate must next be inoculated with spores. A liquid culture or spore syringe may be used for this. Depending on the species of mushroom you’re cultivating, it may take a few days to a few weeks for the spores to begin to proliferate and colonize the substrate.

Moving on to the fruiting stage is necessary after the substrate has been completely colonized. The genuine mushrooms will begin to sprout at this point. This can include moving the substrate to a fruiting chamber or just opening the kit to let air circulate, depending on the kind of kit you’re using.

The correct quantity of light and humidity must be provided for the mushrooms in order to promote development. It’s crucial to exercise patience throughout the fruiting phase since it might take the mushrooms many weeks to mature. Along the process, you may also need to make some changes to the growth environment, including modifying the temperature or humidity levels.

It’s time to harvest your therapeutic mushrooms after they have reached full maturity. Typically, this is accomplished by carefully removing the mushrooms from the substrate while taking care not to harm the surrounding region. You could also wish to cut the mushrooms off at the base using a sanitized knife or pair of scissors. You should be able to grow a plentiful crop of tasty, fresh mushrooms with a little amount of work.

Examine What Being Connected Feels Like

Some claim that cultivating anything oneself, like plants or fungus, allows you to develop a more personal connection with it; psychedelic treatment aims to foster this kind of bond between the patient and the drug.
We urge and empower you to visit our resources page and schedule a consultation with one of our network of qualified psychedelic guides and facilitators if you’re prepared to learn more about how psychedelic therapy might support you on your own unique path of healing or personal development. We are eager to assist you in becoming your most profitable self!

Three Expert Tips for Using Mushroom Grow Kits Successfully

1. Cleaning Up Is Crucial

When utilizing a mushroom grow kit, sanitation is one of the most crucial considerations. Because of their great sensitivity to contamination, mushrooms may be immediately destroyed by any bacterial or fungal spores that get into your grow kit. Therefore, while assembling your grow kit, it’s crucial to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

Use a solution of rubbing alcohol and water to clean your workspace and any equipment you’ll be utilizing. To avoid infection, put on gloves, a mask, and even a hairnet if required. Don’t cut corners and pay close attention to the directions. Being too careful is preferable than taking the chance of damaging your complete grow kit.

2. The virtue of patience

Magic mushroom cultivation requires persistence and time. Although the grow kits might simplify the process, it’s crucial to keep in mind that mushrooms develop at their own rate and can take several weeks to mature. Avoid the temptation to check on your mushrooms too often since doing so might impede their development and raise the possibility of infection.

Maintain the ideal temperature and humidity conditions as stated in the instructions for your grow kit. Your mushrooms will grow more quickly and robustly as a result. Remember that it could take up to a week after setting up your grow kit before you start to see any growth. Don’t be alarmed; this is typical.

3. How to Collect Your Own Medicinal Mushrooms

Waiting till the veil behind the mushroom cap splits before harvesting is an expert tip for picking hallucinogenic mushrooms from mushroom grow kits. This little membrane, which joins the cap to the stem, signifies that the mushroom is completely developed and has reached its peak concentration of hallucinogenic ingredients. Before the veil lifts, mushrooms may be weaker or less powerful if harvested.