Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

The Magic Mushroom Grow Kits—previously known as Standard grow kits—really alter the rules of the game! Magic mushroom cultivation the traditional method!

Why choose the magic mushroom kits from Mondo®?
Unusual Psilocybe cubensis strains and the real experience of mushroom farming!
Several flushes of magic mushrooms
A larger fruiting body
As simple as they come, the Mondo® magic mushroom growing kit is. Simply dunk and develop! You will get your first mushroom harvest at home in two to three weeks. The mushroom-growing kits’ mycelium is fully established and prepared to grow. Spores are not necessary!

Everything you need for mushroom cultivation is included in the Mondo® mushroom kit. Buy Magic Mushroom Kits USA
1x Substrate box with vermiculite on top and 100% active mycelium
1x filter-equipped mushroom grow bag for establishing a microclimate
Paperclips (two) to secure the grow bag.
There are no labels or branding on the Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits.


Jenny HolmesJenny Holmes
19:40 12 May 23
We drove 2 hours to the dispensary and were impressed by the quality of products, so decided to place an online order for a couple specialty products. There was an issue with the shipping (Canada Post issue), but it finally arrived today. Upon opening, I noticed that one of the product that I had specifically ordered because of the "definition" was not sent, but replaced with a different, (kind of similar, but definitely different) variety. I immediately contacted the store and once I was gotten back to, I was just told that they didn't have my requested product in stock, so they just sent something else that was similar.......OK??? I didn't get a say in WHAT the replacement was, was just sent the exact same product that I had driven 2 hours for just days prior........... Maybe I'll think twice next time.
Alice MsevAlice Msev
18:44 04 Apr 23
very very nice employees. very helpful for beginners. Even if you know what you want the employees are very helpful. The store is very beautiful and I love how they have included personalized art
Selena GarciaSelena Garcia
02:12 05 Mar 23
Nice people here. Smooth experience! Jordan was super helpful and made us feel great
20:42 17 Jan 23
Jordan was extremely helpful and professional. He gave me an excellent run down on everything I was curious about and helped me make a choice. Knowledgeable, patient, and a nice guy is my experience with him. The store is clean and nice.
19:18 14 Oct 22
Michael provided me with great service with a great recommendation! Beautiful store and even better staff

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