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Mondo Grow Kit Usa

Mondo® Grow Kit Usa (formerly known as Standard grow kits) are game changers! Mondo’s Method for Growing Magic Mushrooms!

Why choose a Mondo® magic mushroom kit?

  • The Real mushroom cultivation experience
  • Unique Psilocybe cubensis strains !
  • Multiple magic mushroom flushes
  • Bigger fruiting bodies

The Mondo Grow Kits Usa  is as simple as it gets. Simply Dunk and Grow! You will have your first mushroom harvest at home in 3-4 weeks. The mushroom growing kits include fully established mycelium that is ready to grow. There’s no need to add spores!

The Mondo® mushroom kit contains everything you need to start growing :

    • 1x Substrate box with 100% active Mycelium and a top layer of vermiculite
    • 1x Mushroom Grow bag with a filter to create a microclimate
    • 1x or 2x clips to close the grow bag

The Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits have no labels or branding.

Please notice: Mondo grow kits will no longer come in a cardboard box!

All Mondo grow kits will include a paper sleeve that houses the grow bag and clips.

Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo® tells us that their grow kits will be good and will not be harmed or contaminated during delivery, so don’t be concerned if your kit arrives without a carton packaging.

If you prefer a carton box for your kit, please see our FreshMushrooms and Getmagic collections.