B+ Magic mushrooms grow kit GetMagic


Shop B+ Magic mushrooms grow kit GetMagic For Sale. Magic mushroom grow kit receives a B. The GetMagic kit includes 1200 ml of substrate that has already been colonized by mycelium and is prepared for you to produce your own B+ mushrooms. 

includes paper clips and a grow bag. A good yield, several flushes, and simple setup! The renowned B+ mushrooms are large, temperature- and contaminant-resistant. It is a large, powerful mushroom that offers a powerful, gratifying sensation. Shop B+ Magic mushrooms grow kit GetMagic For Sale


B+ Magic mushrooms grow kit GetMagic

Contents of the magic mushroom grow kit

  • 1x substrate container with 1200 cc / ml mycelium, perlite and vermiculite
  • 1x grow bag with air filter
  • Paperclip(s)

You need

  • Misting Bottle – Misting is needed for the humidity level
  • Potable water – For misting and soaking, warm water for soaking
  • Clean environment – Work clean to give other fungi and bacteria (micro organisms) no chance to contaminate.

We recommend using

  • Surgical gloves
  • Facemask
  • Disinfectant for hands
  • Disinfectant for surfaces
  • Soaking Bag
  • Thermometer
  • Thermo mat (when room temperature drops below 18°C)

How to store the grow kit correctly

B+ Magic mushrooms grow kit GetMagic is available at GetMagic Online. We advise beginning the cultivation procedure immediately. For about two to three weeks after the date of manufacture, if you chose to wait, keep your grow kit in the refrigerator (2°C to 4°C). The two-digit manufacture date and week number are printed on the cardboard box.

Maintain a clean refrigerator free of contaminants like yeast and germs. The grow kit should be carefully sealed in a fresh plastic bag.

Before starting the cultivation process

Lock each and every window and door. The magic mushroom grow kit could become contaminated by bacteria carried by the wind or a draft.

The work space and surface should be spotless. Microorganisms may stick to the grow box and thrive within your grow kit if this surface is dirty, contaminating it.
Be mindful to keep your hands and arms clean while working. While using the device, we advise using a reliable disinfectant or medical gloves. To prevent breathing on the cake and into the grow bag, you must wear a face mask.

Instructions Grow kit: B+ GetMagic

After a thorough hand wash, wipe down the exterior of the grow kit with a dry towel. Reserve the lid removal for step two.

Replace the grow kit’s lid after completely submerging it in lukewarm (20°C) water and giving it a 5-minute soak. Over an hour cannot be spent submerging the grow kit.
Drain the water from the grow kit after removing the cover.

Drain the grow kit in ten seconds.

After placing the grow kit inside, add a cup (200–250 ml) of lukewarm (20°C) water to the grow bag. After that, fold the bag’s top and secure it with two paper clips.

Put the grow kit in an area with a typical ambient temperature of 20 to 25 °C. Be careful not to place the grow kit under a lightbulb, close to a radiator or other heat source, or in direct sunlight.
Till the first pinheads appear, keep the grow bag shut. The CO2 and humidity levels in the bag should be as high as feasible before that.

Open the grow bag every day (for a few minutes) when the first pinheads appear to let in fresh air. Then, sprinkle the grow kit with a spray bottle to keep it wet. The earliest varieties of tiny mushroom caps that can be seen are pinheads. Pinheads may take 10 to 20 days to appear.

Just before the membranes (veil) on the bottom of the cap open, the mushrooms can be picked. Gently grip the stem and rotate it to the left or right while harvesting.

Pull the mushroom out slowly when it has been freed. To make way for the new mushroom, the old one must be totally removed.
Congrats! The harvest season is over. Repeating steps 4 through 7 will allow you to grow a fresh flush of mushrooms.


24°C is the best temperature for the growth of mushrooms. It should not be permitted for the temperature to go below 20°C or rise above 29°C. Use a Thermo Heatingmat to maintain the desired temperature and prevent it from falling below 20°C. In colder climates or throughout the winter, a thermo mat is a need.


The magic mushroom kit’s mycelium simply need light to “understand” that it has surfaced. After that, mushrooms will start to grow. Artificial or fluorescent illumination is more than adequate for a few hours every day. To prevent damaging the mycelium, avoid shining the light directly on the grow kit.


You start misting the day the first pins appear. Remove the paperclip to uncover the grow bag. Spray once on each side of the bag rather than immediately on the cake. So, you mist four times per day. Moreover, misting enables new oxygen to enter the bag. After misting, seal the bag again with the paperclip.

Drequent exchange of air (FAE)

You want the CO2 levels to be as high as possible to stimulate pinning, therefore keep the grow bag tightly closed until you see the first pins. After the pinning procedure, the bag can be opened once or twice a day to let in fresh air. Remove the air from the bag by opening and shutting it before allowing fresh air to enter.


The first little mushrooms, known as pins, should start to grow after 10 to 20 days of ideal growing circumstances. This is also impacted by the tension. Various Cubensis strains grow at varying speeds. It can take one extra week to reach maturity. A grow cycle could last for up to 4-5 weeks.


Mushroom clumps appear to sprout. This type of growth is known as a flush. Many flushes can be performed with one kit. The largest flushes are the first two. The subsequent flushes will be less intense than the original one.

Picking and Harvesting

When the veil between the hat and the stem is going to or has already torn, then is the ideal moment to harvest mushrooms. If you wait too long, the mushrooms’ spores will be discharged. Choose only the mature mushrooms and leave the others to ripen. The alternative is to remove every mushroom and start over with a fresh flush.

Deciding on mushrooms

Other choices include donning medical gloves or washing your hands, wrists, and arms.
By grasping the base of each mushroom with your thumb and index finger, you can take the mushrooms out of the cake.
To get the mushroom to release, slowly turn your palm in a counterclockwise direction.

Never remove the fungi by hand. The mycelium would be at danger of dying due to this damage. Choose the smaller and pin mushrooms once the majority of the larger mushrooms have been harvested.

On the sides, mushrooms are sprouting

There is little to no opposition to the growth of mushrooms; they will appear anywhere there is light. Because the sides of the cake are illuminated, it’s probable that mushrooms will develop there. Your choices are as follows:

Placing the kit inside the cardboard box may make the sides of the kit darker.]
To encourage more growth, mist the top soil a little bit.
Keep quiet and let them develop.

After every mushroom has been picked, get the kit ready for the subsequent flush. Remove the grow box from the grow bag after washing your hands or donning gloves.

Pour 20°C of sluggish water into the container.
Grab the lid, and use it to secure the container.
Let it to soak for five to twenty minutes.
After removing the cover, drain the water.
Put the growkit into the growbag and fill it with a cup (200–250 ml) of lukewarm (20°C) water.

Soaking is the term for this action. The water is now moistening the cake in preparation for the subsequent flush.

You can hang the grow bag with the micronfilter upside down to dry while it’s soaking. After each flush, many growers prefer to use brand-new, unopened grow bags.

then urinate

You should follow Steps 2 through 7 just as you did when you originally started the procedure. There will be another flush a few days later. A grow kit should produce enough material for two flushes. Frequently, the initial flush is the largest.

It’s over now.

The grow kit shouldn’t continue to produce mushrooms after the second flush for at least 5 to 6 weeks. Moreover, it should change to yellow, red, green, or grey. The grow kit is infected with another fungus or bacterium if the color of the kit changes, which is a symptom. The mushroom grow kit should be thrown away in your garden or with the outdoor trash because it will no longer produce mushrooms.


The mushrooms will release spores if you consume them too soon. The spores will cause the cake and the mushrooms to become black or purple (some other cubensis strains will turn red or brown). There isn’t a true issue here; this is just a surface issue.

The active components in mushrooms begin to deteriorate as soon as they release their spores. There will be some power loss for mushrooms.

Strain information: B+

unknown, perhaps American
20–50 mm cap that matures to a red (yellow) brown color.
stem: 40 to 125 mm in length, medium to large in size; when injured, it becomes green or blue.
Subellipsoid, dark purple color, measuring 11.5–17 × 8–11 m, basidia Spores with 4 spores
PF Tek, BRF, rye grain, straw, and dung are examples of substrates.

relating to the GetMagic Grow kit

Everything you need to cultivate magic mushrooms at home is included in the GetMagic mushroom grow kits. The grow bag, substrate that has been prepared for growing mushrooms, and bag-closing clips are included.

The multilayer B+ Magic mushrooms grow kit GetMagic from the 1980s are brought back by the GetMagic kits. Mycelium that has been fully colonized has a vermiculite layer on top and perlite below. These coverings make it simple to maintain the equipment’s ideal conditions while making sure that it doesn’t dry out.

The B+ Magic mushrooms grow kit GetMagic needs your love, support, and positive energy in order to realize its full potential. In 2-4 weeks, with the addition of heat and water, you can expect a plentiful harvest of magic mushrooms.

This kit is only meant for basic home use. Not for ingestion by humans. Use just for spore reproduction and research.

Be sensible

Check out the responsible use page for more information on do’s and don’ts.

Productcode MCS.GKMYC.001-BPLU-1200
Weight (KG) 1.0000
On Sale? No
Alternative product: No
Grow Kit type No
Difficulty Easy
Size Extra Large
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Origin Netherlands
Potency Average / High
Optimum cultivation temperature 24ºC
Yield (from) 200 grams
Yield (to) 800 gram
Water Spray Needed Yes


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