Best Substrate For Psilocybe Cubensis


Please be aware that fruiting mushrooms may be prohibited in your nation during phase three, which entails collecting spores. 

When the substrate is completely colonized, it’s time to get the fruits growing to gather mushroom spores or mushroom tissue to continue your study or cultivation. Always verify your local rules before beginning this step. 

Psilocybe cubensis substrate for sale Medium substrate kit for sterile magic mushrooms.


Best Substrate For Psilocybe Cubensis

The first stage of the Best Substrate For Psilocybe Cubensis life cycle is spawning. Fungal spores grow into mycelium during this stage of their life cycles, which is the subterranean web-like structure that may be found in the wild. Mycelium is made up of hyphae, which are many, thin, tendril-like filaments that are each one cell thick.

These hyphae spread out from the spawn medium’s original point of inoculation in all directions. The spawn medium is said to be “colonized” by the fungus once it has spread throughout it. Another colloquial word frequently used in mushroom farming is colonized.

Best Spawning Substrates

The proper word for spawning medium on forums is “spawning medium.” A single type of grain or flour serves as the only component of a spawning medium. A fruiting substrate, on the other hand, is often a combination of three to five components. Therefore, picking a spawning media is more simpler than picking or creating a fruiting best substrate for psilocybe cubensis.

When choosing a best substrate for psilocybe cubensis, there are a few aspects to keep in mind, including the nutritional profile, pH, water retention ability, and whether or not the medium had fungicide treatment as it grew. Some of the most popular methods for spawning mushroom you want to grow include:

Rye grain


Brown rice flour

At Spores Lab, the only spawning medium we employ is rye grain. More moisture may be stored in rye grain than in any other grain, increasing fruit output. However, because oats and popcorn are less dense than rye, many producers like them. Oats and popcorn may be sterilized more quickly in the pressure cooker due to their reduced density. These characteristics make these media less prone to contamination.

Best Substrate for Mushrooms

Mycelium colonizing substrate

There are currently hundreds of distinct best substrate for psilocybe cubensis accessible at the touch of a mouse thanks to the non-discriminatory nature of the internet—anyone with an internet connection may submit their recipe. Many of these recipes can provide your mushrooms the perfect environment to encourage big, strong, and healthy fruiting bodies. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to go into detail on each one in this short essay. I’ll confine myself to the following three most popular fruiting substrate recipes:

What Types Of Substrate are There For growing Magic Mushrooms

Welcome to this blog on creating a best substrate for psilocybe cubensis for growing mushrooms. It contains all the information you need about the various substrates for growing types of mushrooms and how to create them.

We assist you in selecting an appropriate substrate and much more. Selecting the proper substrate is crucial if you want to cultivate mushrooms. You must make the medium yourself if you aren’t utilizing a ready-to-use mushroom species.

Growing best substrate for psilocybe cubensis differs greatly from growing (cannabis) plants, where garden center soil is frequently enough. Although they are fungi, mushrooms are not plants. They naturally require certain growth circumstances, where the proper substrate plays a key role.

What is a Mushroom Substrate?

The phrase “photosynthesis” should be known to the majority of you. Under the influence of solar energy, plants use a process called photosynthesis to transform water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and nutrition (carbohydrates like glucose). However, since they are fungus rather than plants, mushrooms may thrive without light.

Best bulk substrate for psilocybe cubensis consume decaying organic matter from the environment. The mycelium derives its energy and sustenance from the substrate. The portion of the fungus that lies underground is called the mycelium.

This is a network of the aware best bulk substrate for psilocybe cubensis species’ hyphae, which is another name for them. One spore is all it takes for a mycelium to grow. Mycelia can grow underground or in a nutrient-rich environment, such a decaying tree trunk, in the wild.

Suitable Substrates for mushroom cultivation

A good substrate contains more than just the organic ingredients that your magic mushrooms require to grow. Additionally, you want a substrate type that is simple to deal with. Costs must, of course, be taken into account when selecting the substrate type.

It’s crucial to understand that not every type of best bulk substrate for psilocybe cubensis can be grown on an appropriate substrate. This is the reason why some mushroom farmers are testing out several substrate types to see which one produces the greatest results with a specific mushrooms spawning.

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms Indoors [3 Methods]

There are several substrates for mushrooms. Straw, hardwood sawdust, or a combination of coco coir and vermiculite are a few typical ones. A substrate for mushrooms can even be anything like coffee grounds or manure.

Mushroom substrates must be prepared before usage, unlike garden soil. You’ll need to add water and perhaps even some fertilizer. The substrate must be pasteurized or sterilized most essential.

Pasteurising Or Sterilising Mushroom Substrates

Your best bulk substrate for psilocybe cubensis will eat their way through a variety of organic materials found in substrates for mushroom culture, including straw, wood, dung, etc. However, substrates can also include mold, bacteria, and other (unwanted) fungi in addition to these chemicals.

The problem is that these pollutants frequently outgrow your magic mushrooms and compete with them for resources and space. You don’t want this, of course. To ensure that your mushrooms grow as well as possible, you must remove these impurities.

How To Prepare Bulk Mushroom Substrate

Notes & Advice

When handling and pouring hot water into the bucket, exercise extreme caution.

Frequently, the hot water will splash out of the bucket, burning you. Try to add it gradually.

Before pouring the water into the bucket, make sure it is roaring to a boil.

A temperature gun is useful, but it’s not required.

Information in general regarding nutrition and psilocybe cubensis substrate for sale ingredients Bulk substrate materials used together provide a highly moist, earthy-looking combination. The coco coir offers the right texture (like fresh cow poo) and just enough nutrients for our mushrooms to grow on. The vermiculite keeps water and moisture in the mixture and fluffs it up a little. Gypsum is added to provide some non-organic minerals.

The emerging mushrooms expand and become more powerful when some nutrients (such as cow dung or worm castings) are introduced to the bulk substrate. However, additional nutrients also raise the danger of contamination, which is why first-time farmers are discouraged from using manure. Having said that, we have experimented with a Dr. Myc Mycology alternative to microbe nutrients that has produced excellent culture results for us. Although we have included this product in our cultivation flow and videos, it is not a must.

Step 1 : Boil Water. Mix Coir, Vermiculite, Gypsum (CVG) in 5 Gallon Bucket

Pour 4 liters of chlorine-free, non-chlorinated water. This can be distilled water, mineral water, or water that has been cooked and chilled. Bring water to a rolling boil in the pressure cooker pot. Wash, scrub, wipe, disinfect, and then let the bucket and lid air dry while the water is heating up. After adding the gypsum and vermiculite to the coco-coir in a separate dish, fill the bucket with the mixture.

Step 2 : Pour Boiling Water into Bucket and Cover (Bucket TeK)

Put some oven gloves on your hands and pour the hot water into the bucket with extreme caution. Place the bucket in a peaceful area and cover with the lid. Covering the bucket will help it cool more slowly and give it more time to pasteurize at high temperatures; the best range is 70°C to 82°C or 160°F to 180°F for three to four hours.

The substrate combination can be prepared in the afternoon or evening, allowed to cool over night, and then combined with grain spawn the following day.

Psilocybe Cubensis Substrate For Sale

How to use a Mushroom SubstrateKit : Instructions

Prepare the liquid culture in Phase 1

Wash your hands and tidy up your workspace.

To ensure that all of the spores are floating, give the spore vial or syringe a vigorous shake.

Use the alcohol swap to clean the spore vial or syringe, as well as the injection site for the liquid culture.

Into the liquid culture, inject 2 ml of the spore solution.

Psilocybe cubensis substrate for sale. For ten days, thoroughly shake the injected liquid culture once per day. The liquid culture that has been injected should be kept between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius. When a cloud can be seen floating in the suspension, the liquid culture is complete. These are mycelium.

Your liquid culture, also known as the Master Culture, is prepared and may produce a large amount of mycelium from just a little quantity of spores if handled and preserved correctly.


If the liquid is cloudy, there is contamination present, rendering the culture useless.

Keep the liquid culture in the fridge if you don’t use it for 10 days.

Phase 2: Immunization

Clean up your workspace by washing your hands.

the sterilized substrate and liquid culture’s clean injection location

Step 2 Withdraw 10 or 25 ml of the liquid culture (1200 CC kit).

Step 3: After inoculation, shake the box in a 360-degree motion. Inject spore suspension through the kit’s injection port.

Keep the equipment somewhere dark and cool, between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Result: After inoculation, mycelium will start to develop. The psilocybe cubensis substrate for sale will eventually get covered in a white fungus. Depending on the temperature, this may need up to two or three weeks. Psilocybe cubensis substrate for sale grow kit for sterile magic mushrooms.

Please be aware that fruiting mushrooms may be prohibited in your nation during phase three, which entails collecting spores. When the substrate is completely colonized, it’s time to get the fruits growing to gather mushroom spores or mushroom tissue to continue your study or cultivation. Always verify your local rules before beginning this step. Psilocybe cubensis substrate for sale Medium substrate kit for sterile magic mushrooms.


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